Monday, August 22, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events, that Is Turning Out Surprisingly Well

GUYS!!!!!! My LAST. SEMESTER. EVA!!!!!! starts tomorrow morning!!!!!!

I was supposed to graduate in May, but I failed my Perception class. In my defense, about half the class failed. It was hard. I've been trying to look at it as a good thing though, because I now get to take Theories of Personality, a class that I've always wanted to take, but previously didn't have time for. I'm also taking a Human Services class on Family Violence, which is gonna be cool, and a Public History class, which I'm eh about, but the more hours I take, the more financial aid I get, and I am b.r.o.k.e. And on that note...

Bank of America is auctioning off my dad's house on September 6, so my dad, my two sisters, and I are about to be homeless, which royally sucks. It's been a long time coming, but looking back on everything, I really don't see how I could have done anything differently. An unfortunate series of job losses, car accidents, and other such lovely events hit my family at an already bad time, and this is just the end result. As much as it sucks though, I really do believe that this needed to happen. The reasons are many, but far too personal for me to feel comfortable blogging about. Luckily, as of right now, we all have places to stay until we can get things straightened out.

I'm staying with a friend who lives, like, five minutes away from campus, which pretty much eliminates all the issues I've been having with getting to school, finding a job, etc. I can walk to all sorts of places if I have to, and there's a bus system. I only wish that getting around without a car could be so easy in Jasper. Anyway, I'm moving in on Saturday, and things are really looking up for me. Oh, and I get to keep Salem, which I am so far beyond excited about! That's something that I just was not expecting, and I was really upset about it too. I have some truly incredible friends. <3 I hope that I'll always be able to be there for them like they've been here for me.

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