Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Diagonal Washcloth Makeup Remover Pads

So I've recently become obsessed with knitting those diagonal garter stitch washcloths, because they're really the best washcloths ever, and it only takes me a few hours to knit one. I knit one yesterday:

And I really am just so in love with the way the colors turned out. Then I decided that I wanted to make matching makeup remover pads (Because how freakin' cute would that be?!), but there are only patterns for rectangular or square ones (that I could find, anyway), and I wanted them to be diagonal like the washcloth, but without the eyelets. So I just made up a pattern! If it can even be called a pattern. I'm sure anybody could figure it out without one, BUT here it is just in case:

CO 3 (I used size 8 (5 mm) needles and Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn, because that's what I used for my washcloth, but you can use whatever needle/yarn combination you prefer.)

Row 1: K2, CO 1, K1
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: K2, CO 1, K2
Row 4: Knit
Row 5: K1, KFB, Knit until 2 stitches remain, KFB, K1 (7 stitches)
Row 6: Knit
Rows 7-12: Repeat rows 5 and 6 until you have 13 stitches
Row 13: K1, K2Tog, Knit until 3 stitches remain, K2Tog, K1 (11 stitches)
Row 14: Knit
Rows 15-20: Repeat rows 13 and 14 until you have 5 stitches
Row 21: K1, S1 K-wise, K2Tog, PSSO, K1

BO and weave in ends, and voilĂ ! you have a diagonal garter stitch makeup remover pad! Make several more, and you'll have a set! :D

Oh, and here's a picture to give you an idea of the size:

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