Thursday, October 18, 2012


It's been almost a year since my last post, and I'm sorry for that. A lot has obviously happened since then, but the main reason I'm back is my new Weight Loss Accountability Plan (WLAP for short)!

My boyfriend and I have decided that we really need to step up our efforts to get in shape, as in we actually need to start doing something instead of just sitting around talking about it. My main problem right now is my job; it's hard to find even a smidgeon of energy to work out when I have to be at work at 3 AM. Add to that my returning status as a full-time student, and you get a major lack of day-to-day consistency. BUT that's all about to change, because next Wednesday is officially my last day at Michaels, and I can't tell you how excited I am!

Last week, I was offered a job as a Work-Study Student Assistant on campus, a position I have been struggling to get for quite some time (like several years; I wanted a job like this when I was working on my first bachelor's degree). What this means in terms of WLAP is that I'll be waking up around the same time every day, which will do wonders for my body in terms of sleep and will hopefully make it easier for me to keep up a fairly consistent workout schedule. It should also help me eat at more regular intervals.

Now, WLAP. I'm going to start taking pictures of everything I eat. Why? Because I'm too obsessive-compulsive to be efficient at tracking my calories. I spend way too much time trying to make sure my measurements are perfect, and not nearly enough time moving my ass. I still want to be held accountable for what I'm eating though, hence the pictures. I got my first smartphone back in July, and it has a really decent camera, so I'm going to take advantage of it. I figure it's always with me, so why not?

I also want to work out for at least an hour at least five days a week. I know it'll take some time to work up to this, but I'll get there. I want to eventually start running as well. I'm going to start taking advantage of the gym on campus; I'm paying for it, so I might as well. I'm going to start hiking again. I love hiking, especially in the fall, and there's no shortage of places I can go around here. I have several workout apps on my phone too, so I really have no excuse not to work out.

I'm going to drink more water, less coffee. I'm going to take the stairs at every possible opportunity. I'm going to use my lunch box, bringing extra food to make sure there's no reason for me to buy the crap they sell on campus. I'm going to cook often. In fact, I'm going to post about all the Pinterest recipes I try! I've had great success with some of the recipes I've gotten off there, but not everything has turned out the way it was supposed to. Documenting those experiences should be fun. ;)

Tomorrow morning I'm going to weigh myself, and I'm going to take "Before" pictures when I get home from work. I probably won't post those pictures until I feel more comfortable with my body though. Then I'll be so proud, I'll likely be posting them everywhere! This journey has been a long time coming, and I'm going to document every step of the way. I'm sure I'll get lost a few times, but that's part of the fun.

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  1. How's the WLAP working out? Good, I hope! I like reading your blog, but the font is hard on my eyes. Can't wait to read more about the progress as well as those recipes you mentioned.